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Happy Holidays - Enjoy the Top Viewed Stories from 2022

By Michelle Pelletier Marshall, Women in Agribusiness Media (December 27, 2022)

We’ve had an exciting year here at Women in Agribusiness: we’ve returned to in-person events (thank you to the more than 800 attendees who made our September WIA Summit in Dallas the most successful yet!), brought back WIA MeetUps (there’s one coming to your town soon!), and expanded our WIA Today story offerings to include so many more of our supporters, sponsors, and expert advisors’ contributions.

So, during this holiday season, we thank you for your continued support and ideas and appreciation of the WIA community, and we wish you whatever brings you happiness and joy, laughs and smiles.

And for your reading pleasure, we offer the top stories of 2022 as chosen by your views on our site and in our newsletter.


Harvesting a Solution to Agriculture Transportation

This contributed content piece from Courtney Schmidt, Wells Fargo Food and Agribusiness Industry Advisor, raised the question, “will agricultural transportation see any improvements during the remaining and future harvest seasons?”, as it addressed the current situations in the ocean, rail, and trucking industries. Read more here.

Women Succeeding in Agtech? You Betcha

This Q&A piece profiles four young women software engineers from Kin + Carta who work in the agriculture industry, and discusses their careers in STEM and presents their thoughts on agricultural transformation and what excites them about the sector. Read more here.

Supporting Farmers Progression of Autonony

Speaking of meeting farmers where they are on their journey, Patricia Boothe, senior vice president with Trimble Autonomy, noted the levels of autonomy, adapting to meet farmer needs, and working together to drive business decisions. Autonomous achievement happens in definable, progressive ways that provide consistent value to farmers – whether it’s reducing input costs, increasing productivity, improving safety, or solving labor shortages. Read more here.

WIAS Through the Eyes of An Attendee

Told through the eyes of Jessica Carroll, former Women in Agribusiness Summit volunteer and student scholarship recipient (and now WIA team member!), this is a recount of the 2022 WIA Summit which was held in Dallas for the first time. Following along through favorite sessions, connections made through Texas A & M University, and job offers received, Carroll provides an overview that’s like “being there”. Read more here.

Thanks for reading and listening, and please keep providing input and suggestions!

All the best for the holiday season,

Michelle Pelletier Marshall

Managing Editor, WIA Today


Do you have a story you'd like to contribute to WIA Today? Or a suggestion for a story, or comments about an article? Please reach out to Michelle Marshall at and share your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you.

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