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WIA Keynote: The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get

By Michelle Pelletier Marshall, Women in Agribusiness Media

Kelly Lockwood Primus, CEO of Leading NOW, who is an advisor to global organizations seeking to change mindsets, behaviors, and cultures, will be the keynote speaker at our 10th anniversary Women in Agribusiness Summit, this September 21-23, in Minneapolis.

Lockwood Primus will speak about The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get and identify nine critical differentiators for moving from middle management into senior and executive positions. The discussion will include Leading NOW’s Gender Dynamics Institute’s research on women’s leadership, what's missing from conventional career advice, and the barriers women face in achieving executive positions.

In Lockwood Primus’ corporate career, she was often the only woman executive at the table. This experience fueled her passion to encourage women’s leadership development, as well as help organizations change behaviors and company culture to bring gender balance to leadership.

“Through our research, we have identified traits for success in leadership. These include integrity, transparency, confidence, and more, but most importantly, women need to focus on what we call The Missing 33%™,” said Lockwood Primus. “This is the business, strategic, and financial acumen that sets them apart, and we will discuss this in detail at the Women in Agribusiness Summit this fall. Join me in the conversation.”

Attend the 10th anniversary Women in Agribusiness Summit to hear more from Lockwood Primus and other speakers, including those from Motif FoodWorks, Nutrien, the American Egg Board, and many others.

In the meantime, take a look at this Leading NOW article to learn more about what some of the most successful women leaders in business today noted as the one leadership trait that was most important to their own success.

About Kelly Lockwood Primus

Kelly Lockwood Primus, CEO, oversees the strategy, research development and client relationship management to help our clients reach their global diversity goals. Prior to being appointed CEO, Lockwood Primus was CEO & president of its Leading Women brand.

Before this, Lockwood Primus was a member of the executive team for WFF, a national non-profit women’s leadership organization as vice president for Marketing & Communications, and was instrumental in returning the organization to prominence in the foodservice industry as the authority for women’s leadership development, driving participation in the organization’s live and virtual events to “sell-out” status.

Read her full bio here to learn more.

About Leading NOW

Leading NOW is defining the future of inclusive leadership development for the 21st Century. As the epicenter of new knowledge and the pinnacle of transformative solutions, Leading NOW is the global advisor to organizations -- changing mindsets, behaviors, and cultures to be inclusive for all. For more information, visit #FutureForward

Leading NOW is a certified woman-owned business.


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