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2023 Presentation Slides

Available presentations from the 2023 Summit can be found below by clicking a speaker's name. The presentation password can be found on the WIA 2023 mobile app. Questions? Email Carrie Vita at 

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Keynote: Write Your Success Story
Meggie Palmer, Founder & CEO, PeptalkHer

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Power of Bio-Based Crop Solutions

Anna Rath, President & CEO, Vestaron Corporation

Kaitlin Fitzgerald, VP, Sustainability, Sound Agriculture

Leveraging the Cooperative Model in Agriculture

Dr. Keri Jacobs, Executive Director, Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership, University of Missouri-Columbia

Protein Commodity Market Update

Amy Smith, Vice President, Advanced Economic Solutions (AES)

Transformation in Transportation

Brittany Batz, Principal, Cobblefield LLC

Kaylee Heap, Integration Lead, Roger

Jessica Stephan, Logistics Director, Bunge

Trends Impacting the Edible Oils Markets

Julie Robey, Strategic Marketing Leader, Cargill Global Edible Oil Solutions, North America, Cargill

Natasha Orlova, Managing Director, Oil & Fat, Cargill

Growing Financial Acumen, Career & Business Success

Chris Shelden, VP Wholesale Sales, AgriBusiness, JR Simplot

Jana Owens, VP Finance, AgriBusiness, JR Simplot

Kala Killworth Head of HR, AgriBusiness, JR Simplot

Biofuels Markets and Molecules

Kelsey Erickson, Senior Manager, Commercial Quality Assurance, Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Natalie Merrill, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategy, Chevron Renewable Energy Group

The Rising King of Food Suppliers

Roberta Paffaro Agribusiness Specialist - Latin America

US Farmland Values

Bruce Sherrick, Dir. TIAA Center for Farmland Research & Fruin Prof. of Farmland Economics, University of Illinois, iFAR-LLP, ACA

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ag Innovations

Moderator: Susanne Wasson Agricultural Industry Executive/ Board Director

Claire Crunk, Founder & CEO, Trace Femcare, Inc

Lizzie King, Director of Sales, North America, Impossible Foods

Jen Morales, Founder and CEO, Mix Ventures, LLC

Jacqueline Heard, Founder and CEO, Enko Chem, Inc.

Anna Kim, Director, Customer Success, Smartwyre

Changing the Future Through Regenerative Ag

Megan Schmit, Vice President, North Grain and North American Fertilizer, ADM

Jaime Goehner, Commercial Manager, ADM

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