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News We've Heard...

Here are some other recent stories in the news that caught our attention:

5-22-23 -- The future of food is circular: how brands can help regenerative farmers alter the shape of things to come


5-19-23 -- How to count women’s unpaid housework

5-18-23 -- How female founder Danielle Morton raised $1.1 million for her agtech startup, Zondii

5-18-23 -- Network, funding and market: How 3 female-led agrifoodtech startups benefited from the Grow-NY effect

5-17-23 -- How to grow rice on Mars

5-17-23 -- PGIM Real Estate picks next head of agriculture

5-15-23 -- The number of the world's farms to halve by 2100, study shows

5-14-23 -- New study suggests that lab-grown meat produces up to 25 times more CO2


5-12-23 -- At 16 years old, 7th-gen Iowa farmer smashes the mold as family's first female farmer

5-11-23 -Roots of peace founder wins World Food Prize for contributions cultivating peace through agriculture in war-torn lands

5-10-23 -- UK joins global fertilizer challenge with $3.8 million investment

5-9-23 -- $4.3M grant to develop farm of the future tech

5-3-23 -- Interview with Anna Hammond, founder and CEO of Matriark Foods

5-3-23 -- These 10 women are re-imagining the future of food with the help of synthetic biology

4-28-23 -- National Bank to contribute $3 million to Food and AgTech Fund supporting women and underrepresented entrepreneurs

4-27-23 -- Number of U.S. farms totals 2.003 million


4-27-23 -- Smithfield plant manager earns Manufacturing Institute honor


4-24-23 -- Are microbes the future of fertilizer?


4-24-23 -- Cargill wins four prestigious 2023 Edison Awards


4-21-23 -- Underrepresented and unpaid: FAO report talks about women in agriculture

4-20-23 -- New data shows U.S. food waste is getting worse


4-20-23 -- USDA invests over $46M in sustainable agriculture program

4-18-23 -- Three questions with Brazilian coffee leader Carmen Lucia de Brito

4-18-23 -- Here's why we need to tackle gender inequalities in agrifood systems

4-18-23 -- Ginkgo and Syngenta Seeds partner for sustainable agricultur

4-14-23 -- Q&A with Jackie Applegate, Bayer President of North America Crop Science

4-13-23 -- Gender inequalities in food and agriculture are costing world $1 trillion: FAO


4-8-23 -- ‘I love what I do’: Nutrien Ag Solutions’ only woman plant manager excels in male-dominated industry

4-7-23 -- ADM doubles down on ‘regenerative ag’ enrollment for 2023

3-31-23 -- Women farmers in Iowa build business from the ground up

3-30-23 -- Danielson Castillo returns to USGC headquarters as new global programs director

3-30-23 -- Trends expected to ‘dramatically impact’ agriculture

3-27-23 -- The top 20 thought leaders in sustainability from around the world

3-27-23 -- U.S. dominance in ag export race is softening

3-25-23 -- Cargo theft, led by food and beverage, is surging across the U.S.


3-23-23 -- “There is no food security without water security,” says IFAD executive in plea to increase investments in water solutions for small-scale farmers [EN/AR]

3-23-23 -- How women are changing farming

3-22-23 -- Grafton joins Farmland Partners Board of Directors

3-22-23 -- Syngenta Group reports strong double-digit growth

3-21-23 -- How important is U.S. ag and food to the economy?

3-17-23 -- Women produce up to 80% of food in developing countries

3-16-23 -- Julia Kloehn to serve as GEAPS interim executive director

3-15-23 -- Women are ardent leaders in ag

3-14-23 -- How many farms are in the U.S.?

3-9-23 -- Women in Agribusiness Summit 2023 pre-interview with Carrie Vita by RFD-TV

3-8-23 -- S2G Ventures report highlights food and agtech trends of 2023

3-6-23 -- The Economist’s glass-ceiling index: Our annual measure of the role and influence of women in the workforce

2-27-23 -- 5 top challenges impacting the grain industry


2-26-23 -- First Black woman to serve as USDA's No. 2 set to leave department

2-25-23 -- Illinois Agri-Women honor outstanding members

2-22-23 -- No cow needed: Oat and soy can be called milk, FDA proposes

2-22-23 -- EU-funded 'Grass Ceiling' project aims to boost women-led innovation in farming

2-20-23 -- Cargill names two women to lead finance, global strategy on leadership team

2-18-23 -- 20% of carbon emissions from the food creation chain come from shipping

2-18-23 -- Why does chocolate taste so good? A scientist unwraps the volatile chemistry

2-15-23 -- Has the pandemic led to an agricultural breakthrough?

2-15-23 -- Annie’s project celebrates 20 years of empowering women in agriculture

2-14-23 -- Let them wear dirt: Penmai Chongtoua turns soil into textiles

2-8-23 -- Column: U.S. agriculture exports top $200 billion in 2022 as China grabs record share

2-7-23 -- Linking executive pay to sustainability goals

2-5-23 -- USDA invests $9.4M in compost and food waste reduction projects

2-4-23 -- Scoular's FARM Team Gives Producers Voice on Ag Tech, Sustainability, and Other Topics

2-1-23 -- FDA will streamline food safety and regulation under a single leader

1-31-23 -- What are five ways ChatGTP will revolutionize agriculture in the U.S.?

1-26-23 -- Half of global GDP relies on nature–but it’s being wiped out. Here’s the business case for investing in biodiversity

1-26-23 -- Smallholder farmers could help fix global food systems with the right technology. Here's how

1-26-23 -- MARS names Kathy Bathurst president

1-26-23 -- What will Ukrainian agriculture look like in 2023?

1-25-23 -- 7 in 10 food and beverage execs anticipate revenues rising in 2023: survey

1-24-23 -- Women surpass men in university animal science majors, reflect national growth in field

1-24-23 -- How animal agriculture can realize sustainability

1-24-23 -- Ohio farmer takes to heart business innovation and grassroots leadership

1-19-23 -- 2023 global consumer trends

1-19-23 -- Inside Gen Z’s rising ESG standards

1-19-23 -- Five food technologies to curb climate change

1-19-23 -- US researchers land US$2.4M to turn food waste into “affordable” bioplastics

1-18-23 -- Virtual cropping creating big picture for growers

1-17-23 -- A more sustainable feed & grain handling industry with Scoular [podcast]

1-17-23 -- Dairy giant Danone aims to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030


1-16-23 -- Women beekeepers 'astonished' by global response to world record attempt

1-10-23 -- Here’s how bioscience is revolutionizing food systems without synthetic chemicals

1-10-23 -- Activist Bluebell builds stake in Bayer, pushes for company breakup -Bloomberg

1-10-23 -- CSU’s new director of ag innovation ready to push boundaries while returning to her roots

1-10-23 -- Soil health, regenerative ag featured at Unconventional Ag Conference

1-10-23 -- This association ensures minority women in agriculture have a voice

1-5-23 -- See to NGFA as VP of legislative, public affairs


1-5-23 -- 12 women cultivating sustainable food systems in 2023


1-3-23 -- U.S. ag exports expected to fall in 2023

1-2-23 -- Women in leadership reflect agriculture's diversity, researchers say

12-23-22 -- Women: The (often) unsung heroes of agriculture

12-23-22 -- 5 of our most popular Women in Ag in 2022

12-22-22 -- U.S. Senate confirms Taylor as undersecretary for trade

12-20-22 -- 5 key trends that would transform the global food system in 2023 


12-20-22 -- Alltech participates in mentorship program

12-16-22 -- 15 minutes with Belinda Burrier, first woman on the Maryland soybean board

12-15-22 -- Female farmer numbers show major increase

12-15-22 -- How New York female farmers are finding ways to connect and learn

12-15-22 -- CARE, Cargill renew partnership to support women in agriculture

12-12-22 -- Five market challenges analysts say to watch this winter

12-8-22 -- From plan to progress — what 2022’s women in food accomplished

12-8-22 -- The biggest black-owned vintner wants to help more women break the (wine) glass ceiling

12-7-22 -- Leading agri-food investor Silal signs partnership agreement with venture builder DANA Global; Collaboration will boost innovation and promote female founders in UAE Agritech

12-6-22 -- A future in ancient grains (NOTE: This story is about Tenera Grains/Teffola, a company that was on the innovation panel at WIAS22.)


12-5-22 -- The fertilizer shortage will persist in 2023.

12-5-22 -- Five sustainability trends to watch - Schroders

12-5-22 -- Is agroforestry the key to hardier row crops?

12-4-22 -- The twentysomethings changing the face of agriculture


12-1-22 -- Wells Fargo Grant supports regenerative ag

11-24-22 -- 5 eye-popping farmland sales from 5 states


11-22-22 -- Press Release: New research shows that investing in women in agriculture generates significant value for businesses and investors


11-20-22 -- New fund launches to support BIPOC farmers, increase access to land

11-20-22 -- They used to be called farmer’s wives. Now they’re called farmers.

11-16-22 -- USDA invests $21.6M in research for small business pursuing agricultural solutions

11-16-22 -- GROWMARK advances ag-related careers with new complex

11-16-22 -- Rural America is growing older faster than urban America

11-16-22 -- FDA approves lab-grown meat for the first time


11-14-22 -- CHS names Megan Rock chief sustainability officer

11-11-22 -- From risks to rewards: overcoming the impacts of climate change on women in agricultural supply chains

11-8-22 -- Agricultural college sees 100% rise in women studying farming

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