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News We've Heard...

Here are some recent stories in the news that caught our attention:

11-17-23 -- Farm Bill extension passed, funding in place until September 2024

11-17-23 -- Fact Sheet: Vice President Harris launches women in the sustainable economy initiative, totaling over $900 million in commitments

11-16-23 -- Thanksgiving meal costs down from 2022, but still 25% higher than pre-pandemic

11-16-23 -- Corteva Agriscience partners with Buddy4Study to empower women in agricultural sciences

11-15-23 -- Cargill advances sustainability agenda

11-13-23 -- The questions every CEO needs to ask about sustainability

11-8-23 -- Survey: How has farming changed for women in the past 10 years?

11-7-23 -- North American Grain Export Association appoints new president and CEO 

11-7-23 -- A new report from Ceres outlines innovative solutions for companies to reduce agricultural emissions.


11-6-23 -- Cibus Capital hires head of natural capital

11-5-23 -- More young women are choosing a career in agriculture

11-2-23 -- Scoular creates sustainable 'hub' at Missouri grain facility


10-31-23 -- Ag land trends: The U.S. is losing 2 million acres of farmland each year, according to new data

10-31-23 -- Why women will lead the AI revolution in agriculture


10-31-23 -- Syngenta Group listed as top agriculture employer in Science magazine survey

10-30-23 -- Lady Landowner of the Year uses cost share to amass farmland

10-27-23 -- At just 22 years old, she's a farmhand who's found social media success in a remarkable way

10-27-23 -- A new Farm Bill? Think 2025, according to economists

10-26-23 -- Top US agricultural grain cooperatives named

10-25-23 -- Wilbur-Ellis innovation award highlights next-gen agricultural breakthroughs

10-24-23 -- A funded opportunity for female founders to grow blue food businesses

10-19-23 -- Empowering women to close the gender pay gap

10-19-23 -Trimble and Ohio State University open technology labs to foster agriculture

10-18-23 -- Scoular acquires Montana grain facility

10-17-23 -- Sharing ag stories: Tennessee farmers gather for Women’s Communications Boot Camp

10-17-23 -- AI chatbot helps farmers navigate a changing world


10-17-23 -- Water crisis endangers $58T in economic value and global food security


10-11-23 -- New report outlines the breadth and depth of the experience of farm women in Canada

10-9-23 -- Are women on track to become the majority in agriculture?

10-6-23 -- Food deserts in rural America highlight the need for innovative distribution strategies

10-6-23 -- names first woman, non-family member as new CEO

10-5-23 -- Voices of women in ag tech: ambassador profile on mineral’s Erica Bliss

10-4-23 -- Corteva lawsuit accuses gene-editing startup of stealing seeds

10-3-23 -- Helios launches Cersi, the world's first AI analyst for the agricultural supply chain; raises $1.85 million in pre-seed funding

10-3-23 -- Groundbreaking research reveals women are making extraordinary contributions to farming in Canada, yet continue to face significant challenges

October --  Female founders in food tech -- a pitch event

10-2-23 -- Inflation aside, Americans spend more for food

9-29-23 -- Reimagining the US food system

9-29-23 -- Meet the 4th generation rancher driving a regenerative cattle collective forward

9-28-23 -- World’s leading companies commit to new global framework for regenerative agriculture practices

9-26-23 -- McCain Foods has launched a new podcast the 'Hot Potato', stressing the importance of regenerative agriculture.

9-26-23 -- LandProz Real Estate recognizes a shift to women-owned farmland

9-25-23 -- Research reveals farmers who invest in strategic management practices see a 100% return on investment

9-25-23 -- To reverse a troubling trend, farmers are adding rocks to their fields


9-24-23 -- A woman who built an oasis in the New Mexico desert


9-20-23 -- Daughters for Earth announces $1M to support 43 women-powered climate solutions


9-14-23 -- California passes first US bill to ban “harmful” additives after regulators feel heat over inaction

9-13-23 -- Feeding America: How the next generation of potato farmers are leaving their mark


9-5-23 -- Why attend the WIA Summit women in protein dinner? These repeat attendees explain.

9-5-23 -- Farm income booms for third year in a row

9-4-23 -- Could the ocean be the next frontier for plant agriculture

9-4-23 -- Meet 4 women in agriculture who are crushing stereotypes

8-31-23 -- Cargill honored for leadership in sustainability

8-29-23 -- Ancient grains grow beyond niche market

8-29-23 -- Former Cargill executive joins cultivated meat company Meati

8-24-23 -- Brazil clears bottlenecks to oust U.S. as top corn exporter

8-23-23 -- USDA: GM crops on over half of US cropland

8-22-23 -- America’s farmers are bogged down by data

8-21-23 -- Hawaii Farm Bureau establishes Maui Wildfire Relief Fund for agriculture

8-15-23 -- New team to help Scoular customers to achieve sustainability goals


8-15-23 -- House chairman says 2023 farm bill will be later than expected

8-14-23 -- Q&A with Elizabeth Burns-Thompson, Navigator CO2 Executive


8-11-23 -- Microbes key to sequestering carbon in soil

8-9-23 -- This farm bill could reshape the food system. Here are 10 proposals at the center of the fight.

8-7-23 -- Automation eases labor shortages' impact on agribusinesses

8-7-23 -- Cropland values soar 33% in three years

8-3-23 -- Cargill has reported record revenue this year, up 7 percent from last year.

8-2-23 -- Bunge profits triple despite falling sales

8-1-23 -- Leveraging the cooperative model in agriculture


7-28-23 -- Annie's Project marks two decades of empowering women in agriculture

7-25-23 -- Innovations changing the future of agriculture & food

7-20-23 -- Bayer sees €100 billion ppportunity in cleaner-farming shift

7-19-23 -- Cargill unveils methane emission reduction method using feed supplements

7-14-23 -- Syngenta brings together biologicals businesses under Syngenta Biologicals

7-13-23 -- Cargill named to Best Workplaces for Innovators list

7-12-23 -- Torres Small confirmed as USDA deputy secretary

7-12-23 -- Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator selects seven sustainable agriculture startups for its 12th cohort

7-11-23 -- Ester Banque appointed as Zoetis’ executive VP and president of U.S. operations

7-9-23 -- Coveted Young Farmer of the Year title won by a woman for first time in 55 years

7-8 -23 -- Opinion: Looking for the next California tech boom. You’ll find it in farmlands

7-7-23 -- Texas A&M agrilife to lead USDA-backed organic agriculture program in Texas

7-7-23 -- Wealthy nations are losing their taste for meat, says report

7-4-23 -- Turning empty offices into vertical farms

7-1-23 -- Empowering agriculture entrepreneurs: LadyAgri and the future of women-focused investments

6-29-23 -- Argus acquires sustainable ag pricing provider Mercaris

6-28-23 -- Terryn Lawrence named chief sustainability officer, Rabobank North America


6-27-23 --- Ford introduces program to attract women to trucking, calls current representation ‘not good enough’

6-27-23 -- American Agri-Women are voicing their priorities for the next Farm Bill

6-27-23 -- Argus acquires US sustainable agriculture pricing provider, Mercaris

6-27-23 -- Syngenta opens new seed R&D facility in Illinois

6-26-23 -- US regulator allows first sales of lab-grown meat

6-25-23 --- Breaking barriers: Women-led organizations empower Iowa's female farmland owners

6-21-23 -- TIME names Land O’Lakes among TIME100 companies

6-19-23 -- 5 ways cattle & dairy cows can help the environment

6-16-23 -- From father to daughter: at just 26 years old, Zoe Kent took the reins of her family's farm

6-13-23 -- ADM promotes Miquel to chief science officer

6-8-23 -- From the editor: Women making inroads in milling

6-7-23 -- Unconventional Ag conference to focus on sustainability

6-7-23 -- US ag producer sentiment falls sharply in May

6-6-23 -- Sentient Ventures invests £2M in female-founded companies disrupting the food system

6-5-23 -- 3 trends will drive agriculture in next 5 years

June 2023 -- The women of poultry: Foghorn who? Females more prominent than ever in industry

6-5-23 -- 12 women announced to help close agriculture’s gender gap

5-30-23 -- Top 5 biggest agriculture companies in the world 2023!

5-30-23 -- Corteva's carbon initiative

5-23-23 -- Regenerative ag efforts need CPG assistance

5-22-23 -- The future of food is circular: how brands can help regenerative farmers alter the shape of things to come


5-19-23 -- How to count women’s unpaid housework

5-18-23 -- How female founder Danielle Morton raised $1.1 million for her agtech startup, Zondii

5-18-23 -- Network, funding and market: How 3 female-led agrifoodtech startups benefited from the Grow-NY effect

5-17-23 -- How to grow rice on Mars

5-17-23 -- PGIM Real Estate picks next head of agriculture

5-15-23 -- The number of the world's farms to halve by 2100, study shows

5-14-23 -- New study suggests that lab-grown meat produces up to 25 times more CO2


5-12-23 -- At 16 years old, 7th-gen Iowa farmer smashes the mold as family's first female farmer

5-11-23 -Roots of peace founder wins World Food Prize for contributions cultivating peace through agriculture in war-torn lands

5-10-23 -- UK joins global fertilizer challenge with $3.8 million investment

5-9-23 -- $4.3M grant to develop farm of the future tech

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