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News We've Heard...

Here are some recent stories in the news that caught our attention:

7-12-24 -- USDA invests $7.4M in Colorado meat and poultry processing

7-11-24 -- Fischer secures $16M more for ag research center at Nebraska Innovation Campus

7-8-24 -- Global affairs Canada to empower female farmers


7-4-24 -- UN warns of “global crisis” as nearly 2 billion people in urban areas face food insecurity

7-3-24 -- Scientists discover new plants that could lead to ‘climate-proof’ chocolate

7-3-24 -- 3 tracts of Iowa farmland bring nearly $4 million at auction

7-2-24 -- Thornton native wins Mrs. Agriculture USA 2024

7-1-24 -- New California rail regulation may disrupt Midwest agriculture

6-28-24 -- GROWMARK becomes new owner of grain facility on Calumet River in Chicago


6-27-24 -- The future is farmers

6-27-24 -- Latest agricultural trade data for key commodities

6-26-24 -- Year of the woman farmer recognized

6-25-24 -- Who wants to eat cockatoos? Exploring alt-protein's future beyond the analogs.

6-19-24 -- Climate zones: How will your city feel in the future?

6-19-24 -- How eighth-generation Ohio farmer Zoe Kent built a vast social media following with her funny farm-life videos

6-19-24 -- Bayer announces plan for ten blockbuster products in agriculture

6-19-24 -- United Soybean Board announces management team

6-18-24 -- US logistics inflation remains high despite 11% drop in costs

6-17-24 -- USDA supports farmworkers with $50 million investment

6-17-24 -- 10 Agri Tech Startups Positioned To Change The World

6-16-24 -- Scientists develop a healthier and more sustainable chocolate recipe

6-14-24 -- Farm bill framework unveiled with key NGFA priorities

6-14-24 -- Baltimore shipping channel reopens 11 weeks after Key Bridge collapse

6-14-24 -- This dairy farmer kicked the ‘farmwife’ label

6-13-24 -- No end in sight for shipping volatility

6-13-24 -- Adverse weather conditions impacting global grain production

6-10-24 -- From bytes to bushels: How gen AI can shape the future of agriculture

6-6-24 -- Better Farming through nanotechnology

6-5-24 -- Syngenta Group opens access to genome-editing technologies

6-3-24 -- Farmland prices may have reached a plateau

6-3-24 -- Deere & Co. layoffs, Cargill workers strike in Canada

5-31-24 -- This tiny fern has the largest genome of any organism on Earth

5-31-24 -- Agriculture colleges receive 74% female enrollments

5-30-24 -- USDA reports steady US ag exports in 2024

5-29-24 -- World’s largest database of weeds could unearth the future of farming

5-30-24 -- Whitcraft to deliver WIA Summit keynote speech

5-29-24 -- No, China is not buying up all US farmland

5-29-24 -- Regenerative ag certification making inroads in US

5-29-24 -- 2024 Women in Produce: Christine Moseley

5-28-24 -- Women in agriculture [Facts about women in ag in Canada]

5-28-24 -- Farmland Partners names new CFO in cost-cutting move

5-28-24 -- US, European nations consider vaccinating workers exposed to bird flu

5-27-24 -- We need farming, but what kind of farming do we need?

5-27-24 -- From the editor: Millers monitoring Ozempic craze

5-27-24 -- 6 approaches to translating sustainability into strategy

5-27-24 -- Empowering women in agriculture: A gendered approach to climate change and food security

5-23-24 -- Syngenta Group and The Nature Conservancy extend collaboration

5-23-24 -- $83 million invested in 12 states for fertilizer expansion, including North Dakota

5-21-24 -- KSU breaks ground on Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation


5-21-24 -- Brazil braces for major livestock losses following record floods


5-21-24 -- 5 takeaways from the House farm bill draft


5-21-24 -- ADM named as one of Newsweek’s Greatest Workplaces for Women 2024

5-21-24 -- ADM’s global regenerative agriculture program named to Fast Company’s 2024 List of World Changing Ideas

5-21-24 -- U.S. Department of Agriculture to fund $300 million in grants to boost exports

5-20-24 -- Farm bill text released in U.S. House, setting up fight with Senate

5-17-24 -- This CEO is using AI to develop new plant-based foods

5-16-24 -- USB’s Soy Innovation Challenge winner allows cattle to digest more protein

5-16-24 -- Indiana judge rules tacos and burritos are, in fact, sandwiches


5-15-24 -- Clothing dyed with waste almond shells

5-15-24 -- The first Mexican taco stand to get a Michelin star is a tiny business where the heat makes the meat

5-15-24 -- Bird flu may be driven by this overlooked factor

5-15-24 -- US certified organic market sales surge during 2023

5-14-24 -- Global soybean production poised for record growth

5-14-24 -- Age of U.S. farmers: not a problem

5-14-24 -- Why states are suddenly making it a crime to sell lab-grown meat

5-13-24 -- Global oilseed production to hit record high in 2024/25

5-13-24 -- Six big things about the House Farm Bill Proposal

5-10-24 -- ADM exceeds 2 million regenerative agriculture acre goal for 2023, ups 2025 goal

5-10-24 -- USDA predicts 14 billion pounds of soybean oil will go to biofuel production for 2024-'25

5-10-24 -- Alabama becomes second state to ban lab-grown meat

5-9-24 -- US agencies unveil plan for biotechnology regulatory framework

5-9-24 -- Iowa land sells for nearly $30,000 per acre

5-9-24 -- Meet the farmers turned venture capitalists

5-9-24 -- Will mosquitoes be the next big buzz in chicken feed?

5-9-24 -- Collaboration raises camelina profile in Argentina

5-8-24 -- Farmer sentiment plummets to lowest since June 2022

5-8-24 -- Women’s Meat Industry Network names first executive director


5-8-24 -- Scoular recognized as a US best managed company

5-7-24 -- To combat cow flu outbreak, scientists plan to infect cattle with influenza in high-security labs


5-7-24 -- US-Mexico trade tops $200B in first quarter of 2024

5-6-24 -- Unleashing sustainable value in food and agriculture


5-3-24 -- 2026 to be International Year of the Woman Farmer

5-3-24 -- U.S. investing $250 million in Ukrainian agriculture

5-1-24 -- Number of female farmers holds steady in latest data after big bump in 2017

4-30-24 -- Biotalys appoints Laura J. Meyer to Board of Directors

4-30-24 -- Sandra Hulm appointed to lead Scoular’s new Renewables & Oilseeds Division

4-29-24 -- Traces of bird flu detected in 1 in 5 grocery store milk samples: FDA study

4-29-24 -- CHS and ag co-op Growmark decide not to merge

4-28-24 -- The potential power of gene-based breeding

4-25-24 -- Top 10 Illinois farmland sales in 2023

4-25-24 -- Colombia becomes first country to restrict U.S. beef due to bird flu in dairy cows

4-24-24 -- BeSure this growing season! -- An interview with BASF and Bayer Crop Science on crop protection

4-24-24 -- Canada raises concerns over Bunge’s acquisition of Viterra

4-24-24 -- U.S. dairy export imperative: “We need to be present. We need to be there.”

4-22-24 -- Braga COO named Ag Woman of the Year

4-22-24 -- An ancient farming technique is finding new life burying carbon and improving soil

4-21-24 -- The last word: How to empower more women in the agrifood sector?

4-20-24 -- Meeting Dr. Temple Grandin

4-19-24 -- AGCO leader wins 2024 women MAKE award

4-18-24 -- Borderlands Mexico: US-Mexico trade rises to $67B in February

4-18-24 -- Two veterinarians, hundreds of miles apart, solved a cow sickness whodunit

4-18-24 -- CHS to acquire eight grain assets from Cargill

4-18-24 -- USDA announces new senior staff appointments

4-17-24 -- In a first, California cracks down on farms guzzling groundwater

4-17-24 -- U.S. agriculture emissions lowest since 2012

4-17-24 -- Women in ag step outside comfort zones

4-17-24 -- Stunning drop in US per capita flour use in 2023

4-16-24 -- The female vision in the pork and poultry industry

4-14-24 -- The grape-based leather alternative bringing fashion & wine even closer together

4-12-24 -- Wisconsin farmers highlight network for women in the dairy industry

4-11-24 -- Over 1,300 layoffs hit logistics companies across US

4-11-24 -- Bird flu pushes U.S. dairy farmers to ban visitors, chop trees

4-10-24 -- Deep space food challenge winner: Growing ideas on Earth to feed astronauts on the moon

4-10-24 -- Christie talks importance of including women in agricultural research

4-10-24 -- Iowa signs law on foreign ownership of farmland


4-10-24 -- Brazil poised for major agricultural expansion

4-10-24 -- Agricultural sector continues to grow in female representation

4-10-24 - Women in AgTech: The story of Kimberly Kovacs

4-9-24 -- New farm bill remains unlikely as Congress returns

4-9-24 -- Reopening dates set for Port of Baltimore

4-7-24 -- Promising breakthrough uses 'stuff of outer space' to protect crops from mold

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