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News We've Heard...

Here are some recent stories in the news that caught our attention:

4-10-24 -- Agricultural sector continues to grow in female representation

4-10-24 - Women in AgTech: The story of Kimberly Kovacs

4-9-24 -- New farm bill remains unlikely as Congress returns

4-9-24 -- Reopening dates set for Port of Baltimore

4-7-24 -- Promising breakthrough uses 'stuff of outer space' to protect crops from mold

4-7-24 -- Bayer leads new coalition to advocate for farmers’ access to glyphosate and other crop protection tools

4-7-24 -- How food firm Cargill has made big sustainability strides


4-5-24 -- Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations opens new office in St. Louis

4-4-24 -- The shifting role of women in ag with Danielle Wainwright


4-3-24 -- USDA announces $1.5 billion investment to help farmers with conservation, climate-smart agriculture


4-3-24 -- Elizabeth Rivera is the new director of communications for the National Wheat Growers Association (NWGA)


4-1-24 -- US farmers plan 6 million fewer acres for major crops


4-1-24 -- Rare human case of bird flu confirmed. Officials believe it began on Texas dairy

4-1-24 -- Bird flu found in dairy herds in five states

3-31-24 -- Study reveals that the future of agriculture is via a controlled environment

3-28-24 -- What will the collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge mean for agriculture?

3-27-24 -- University of Illinois starting global center for agri-communication

3-27-24 -- Chemical capture: The power and impact of the pesticide industry

3-26-24 -- From the assembly line to the boardroom, women are key at Claas

3-26-24 -- Women operate 27% of U.S. farms; Auburn researchers to study their experiences

3-25-24 -- Natural pesticide potential: Researchers in Japan make discovery for organic farming

3-22-24 -- CHS opens crop science research and development center

3-20-24 -- Droughts, complicated by climate change, result in U.S. beef herd hitting historic low

3-19-24 -- Meet the billionaire pig farming family going hog wild for ethical products

3-19-24 -- The most innovative companies in food for 2024

3-18-24 -- Local female farmer paves the way for women in agriculture

3-18-24 -- Six things you need to thrive as a woman founder

3-15-24 -- Women in dairy are forging out their own path to success

3-13 -24 -- Agricultural producers to conserve land through climate-smart easements as part of President’s Biden’s investing in America agenda

3-12-24 -- Value of Canadian farmland rises 11.5 per cent in 2023: report

3-11-24 -- The top 100 women in sustainability

3-11-24 -- NOAA reports this was the warmest winter on record

3-9-24 -- Women see opportunities in ag with mentor, partner support

3-8-24 -- Inspired by women in agriculture on International Women’s Day

3-8-24 -- Woman farmer capital investment scheme

3-7-24 -- Women breaking new ground and building inclusivity in the seed industry

3-6-24 -- Devex Dish: The women powering the world’s farms

3-6-24 -- Empowering Canadian women in agriculture through mentorship

3-4-24 -- To farm or fabricate? 3D printing’s role in the food industry

3-4-24 -- The climate crisis is unjust for rural women: FAO gender expert

3-4-24 -- Scoular adds women in agribusiness events

3-4-24 -- Wolverine works to put ‘woman-made’ in the dictionary

2-29-24 -- Primary sector women blazing a trail


2-29-24 -- 3 ways female farmers are connecting


2-27-24 -- The 2024 Protein Profile Report, from Cargill


2-27-24 -- How a solar revolution in farming is depleting world’s groundwater

2-22-24 -- Ladybug scents offer a more ecologically friendly way to protect crops

2-22-24 -- Alabama senate passes bill banning lab-grown meat


2-22-24 -- GRAPHIC: Women are a growing share of farmworkers

2-21-24 -- University of Georgia breaks ground on research facility

2-21-24 -- Reflections on 2023 food and agriculture supply chain trends

2-21-24 -- U.S. organic sales fall for the first time

2-20-24 -- The staggering scale of food waste, explained

2-20-24 -- Closing the Gap: Will we see innovative bioherbicides enter the market soon?

2-20-24 -- Opinion: To find the future of food, we need to look to the past

2-20-24 -- Syngenta and Lavie Bio announce partnership to discover and develop novel bio-insecticide

2-16-24 -- Which state tops the list for precision ag use?

2-15-24 -- USDA says more women, young farmers on the job

2-14-24 -- Smallest number of U.S. farms since 1850, says ag census


12-13-24 -- Reflections on 2023 agtech trends

2-10-24 -- In the war on bugs, women are gaining ground

2-9-24 -- Women farmers quantitatively linked to better community well-being

2-8-24 -- ‘Crossing the divide’: The four worldwide views for the future of agriculture, and how to combine them

2-6-24 -- 2024 premier ag conferences announced

2-4-24 -- Women in agriculture profile featuring Roberta Armstrong

2-2-24 -- Global schwarming???

2-2-24 -- January cattle inventory report confirms lowest herd in decades

2-1-24 -- Maui inferno cost Hawaii farmers $23.1M, USDA says

1-31-24 -- Pay attention to California ag: The crazy always moves east

1-31-24 -- Food system policy overhaul could mitigate climate crisis and bring US$10tn benefits annually, study finds

1-31-24 -- IPPE report: USDA undersecretary underlines importance of diversifying ag markets


1-31-24 -- Agriculture policies to watch in 2024

1-30-24 -- Bridging the divide between the wants of food companies and the needs of farmers

1-29-24 -- First ethanol-to-sustainable aviation fuel plant opens


1-25-24 -- Women secure higher profile in agriculture

1-25-24 -- Insight, cautions & hope for 2024 with Heather Hampton+Knodle

1-25-24 -- Can milk be climate-neutral?

1-24-24 -- Report: Climate-smart policies could reduce forest, farm emissions 72 percent

1-24-24 -- Defining regenerative agriculture work group established

1-23-24 -- New congresswoman gets it: Transportation is vital to ag

1-22-24 -- “Diversity drives innovation”: How Farmers2Founders is supporting women in agtech


1-19-24 -- ADM recognized as a top employer 2024 in Europe, China, Singapore and Brazil


1-19-24 -- Interest rates rise faster than farmland values, says economist

1-18-24 -- ADM expands traceable soybean program

1-17-24 -- Women in agriculture: overcoming bias, impacting communities

1-17-24 -- Ag scorecard sets stage for lively 2024

1-16-24 -- Is foreign farmland ownership putting the future at risk in the ‘Land Of The Free’?

1-16-24 -- USDA awards USGC nearly $13 million in market development funds


1-16-24 -- GFF names deputy executive director


1-15-24 -- CHS, GROWMARK exploring collaboration

1-11-24 -- Bayer Crop Science announces leadership changes

1-11-24 -- Economists size up ag economy in 2024


1-10-24 -- US: Report finds inequities persist for women farmers

1-10-24 -- Women in agriculture and the spirit of collaboration


1-10-24 -- How much U.S. farmland do foreign entities own?

1-5-24 -- Exclusive survey: Has working in ag become easier for women since 2014?


1-5-24 -- Gen Z agriculture revolution: Transforming farming landscape

1-5-24 -Farm leadership must be 'more diverse'

1-4-24 -- Trimble announces Connected Climate Exchange, links farmers to companies looking to meet sustainability commitments

1-4-24 -- Three leadership trends you need to adopt in 2024

1-4-24 -- Which foreign country owns the most farmland in the U.S.? Hint: It's not China

12-31-23 -- Homer Glen woman elected to Illinois Farm Bureau Board reflects on 40 years of family farming

12-30-23 -- Year in review: Top 10 food news stories of 2023

12-22-23 -- Farm workforce is aging rapidly in northern U.S.

12-22-23 -- Brazil a stronger U.S. competitor in soybean sales

12-21-23 -- Brain drain' persists in much of America's heartland

12-21-23 -- ‘Extreme’ drought expands to more than third of Iowa

12-19-23 -- D2D digs into the future of biofuels

12-18-23 --- 7 agriculture innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a growing world

12-18-23 -- Foreign-owned U.S. farmland acres rose more than 8% in 2022 - USDA

12-15-23 -- TRACT welcomes Allison Kopf as new CEO

December -- Clarice Turner will take the reins of the Almond Board of California soon

12-14-23 -- Orland farmer is first female president elected in 104-year history of California Farm Bureau

12-13-23 -- Moving into the Agrihood

12-13-23 -- The first robotics plant dedicated to agriculture to begin production in the American Midwest

12-11-23 -- Just 25% of top 1% of earners were women in 2022.

12-10-23 -- These are the 7 most valuable crops grown in America

12-8-23 -- COWGIRL Magazine honors women of Texas A&M AgriLife

12-7-23 -- In pictures: Corteva’s sassy #SoilSistas graduate in style

12-7-23 -- Report: Food, Water, and Climate Change: Solutions for Tackling This Critical Nexus

12-5-23 -- The vital role of agriculture in our holiday traditions

12-5-23 -- Syngenta joins the Phytobiomes Alliance

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