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Student Scholarship Information Kit

This information contains detailed instructions pertaining to the scholarship. Important information and deadlines will appear in red below. We’ve created this tool to make it easy for you to ensure your presence is at its best.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Jessica Carroll, who will assist you with all your needs for the Summit.

(936) 402-4796

Your scholarship includes

Sponsor Information
  • Admission to the 3-day Summit

  • Renaissance Nashville Hotel accommodations for 3 nights (in a room shared with another scholarship recipient

  • All meals served within the event

  • Free one-year membership benefits including access to the WIA directory and WIA Meet-Ups. (This does not include access to WIA Member’s Night Out on 9/25.)

Next steps for you

Advance Attendee List
  • Please let us know if you accept as soon as possible! Deadline is 8/18/23

  • Make your travel arrangements. You are responsible for getting to the hotel before 10 am on September 26, 2023. Your hotel reservation will be taken care of for you.

  • Review the biography you sent in with your application. 

    • The biography should be written in the 3rd person consisting of 125 words with an approximate description of the applicant’s area of study and interests. This can include attended schools, accomplishments, awards, and degrees obtained. It should mention the applicant’s hopes for the future or after graduation plans.

  • Plan accordingly: You will have additional expenses - transportation to/from the airport and meals outside of the conference. If you are driving, there will be parking fees.

  • Try to attend one of the two Zoom calls in September (dates TBA) to meet us and to learn more about the conference. If you have questions before then, please email

  • As part of your application, you supplied us with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter information. We will review your accounts before we begin tagging you to promote your sponsor’s support of your Scholarship.

    • Please ensure your profiles are clean and appropriate. We will not tag you if we have any concerns about the appropriateness.  If you do not wish to be tagged, please let us know. 

    • Please friend on Facebook my colleague Amanda Severson. 

Onsite Support

Push Notification

The WIA team is delighted that you will join us! As you can imagine we will be very busy running the event, but we want you to have the best possible experience.

  • Brief orientation at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 26th near the Registration desk.

  • Your sponsor or your WIA Ambassador will be your onsite contact and,

  • The registration desk is always a great place to ask questions too.

What to Expect

Bag Insertions

We are proud to have sponsors supporting our Scholarship Program. You are being matched with a company, and you will learn who your specific sponsor is in the next week.

  • In most cases, there will be a representative from that company onsite to greet you. If not you will be matched with a WIA Ambassador and there will be hundreds of other women willing to help.

  • Registration will open on Tuesday, September 26th at 10:00 am – pick up your badge before the program begins.

  • Follow the agenda and you will be in the right place at the right time!

Mandatory Attenance


Opening Mixer

  • This is a pre-event mixer in the lobby level foyer near registration. We’d like all students to be present so the attendees and donors can meet all the students!

  • WIA Opening

  • Our event host will open the event on Tuesday, September 26th at 1:45 pm. During her opening, she will ask all the students in the audience to stand.

  • All plenary sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

  • Breakout sessions on Wednesday

    • There will be three rooms for breakouts on Wednesday. You are welcome to pick whichever sessions you feel would be most beneficial to you. 

  • Photo Opportunity

    • On day 2, September 27th - all the students are on the stage for a group photo. Most likely during a coffee break or lunch. Stay tuned for time.

  • Breakfast/Student Workshop

    • On day 3, September 28, at 7:45 AM - there will be a student breakfast/workshop. I recommend printing your resume as executives are helpful with interview, resume, and elevator speech tips.

Business Cards

Table Top

It is required that you print a small number of business cards with your name, school, and area of study (LinkedIn if you have it) – as well as your phone number and email. Please use an email not associated with your school as people may reach out after graduation, months or even years later.   There are some great inexpensive websites that can print cards for you, being one of them.


Table Tent

We want to encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to learn not only from the content of the sessions but also from the women you will be meeting. Many of our former students have obtained internships and jobs resulting from the connections that they made at this event. We would love to see the same thing happen to you. Be bold, be brave, put yourself out there, and take risks. Do NOT sit with the other students! Sit with the people you want to meet. This is a very supportive group of professionals who were all once in your shoes and want to help. Use this chance to your benefit.

Dress Code

Seat Drop
  • Business casual

  • Most students wear a business dress or slacks with a blazer. Below is a picture of scholars from 2022 to give an idea of attire.

1150-Women-in-Agribusiness-Dallas Hyatt Regency-Minneapolis-professional-photographers-www
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